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Hello! Thanks for stopping by my website and taking a look around :) I have a passion for learning about health and wellness for both people and their pets. This passion has developed into two avenues of sharing with others. First I started a business providing natural healthy treats and food for cats and dogs several years ago. Then in learning more about providing a chemical free healthy environment for my dogs I discovered Young Living Essential Oils. I first was introduced to the company in 2011 and by 2014 I could no longer keep the benefits of these wonderful products to myself. My new passion is to share the products and help reduce the toxins in our homes by replacing the common products used with healthy, essential oil infused, household products and supplements. These changes support a healthy environment and lifestyle changes that result in a more vibrant rewarding life for not only ourselves but our family and pets too! Red Angel Raw has provided a unique opportunity to share Young Living Oils with people who are already seeking healthy alternatives for feeding their pets. Young Living provides another layer of wellness that can be helpful for the people too! It's a win win combination that makes me smile every day I wake up and every night as I fall asleep. I look forward to helping you so please don't hesitate to contact me :)